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Meet Mimmo my partner for Italy

Meet Mimmo my partner for Italy

Oct 5, 2017 9:00 AM

Happy customers is what keep's me going in this crazy world. It get even better if people offer their help after receiving the bird they bought. After Mimmo & Francesco Sfregola from Barletta received the pigeon they bought from they offered their help to sell our pigeons in Italy. Their mission? Make our quality pigeons available for all fanciers in Italy. As no other they now realize quality is there to be found for normal prices.

Mimmo 47 years old and former worker in antique. Now he spends all his time at the loft and with great success. In 2014 he won the final race of the National Italian GP togther with his partner Francesco. He is one of the most respected pigeon guys in Italy with a great network and a drive I do not see very often. All this makes Mimmo a welcome new member in the fast growing Europigeons team.
So, if you are from Italy, looking for quality pigeons at normal prices and you wish to talk to someone in your own language Mimmo is your man. He will be more then happy to answer all your questions about the birds we sell, me and all other question you might have about our wonderful sport. Also for Mimmo our services does not end by selling you a pigeon. He help you to get in in your loft and will advice you with whatever you need.
You can email Mimmo or give him a buzz by phone or WhatsApp at +393497711761
We have shipments to Italy almost every week
For this shipments I use the services of my two good friends, Maarten and Kor... Bot are truck drivers and drive to all major city's in Italy including Sicily and Sardinia. The birds need to be picked up at a location as close to your house as possible. Normally (in most cases) you do not have to drive more then 50 KM yourself.
The price for this shipments is 75,- for 1 to 12 birds.... So if you are from Italy and thinking about buying some quality pigeons now you have the chance to get them in your loft fast, save and for a normal price.
Best regards,
Jan de Wijs
E: sales@europigeons.nl
P: +31610746683

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