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I promise all the birds on this website are in perfect condition, ready to breed and ship. Below 6 pigeons you must see. Did you not find what you are looking for? Contact me and I wil do all in my power to help you... (That's a promise) Best regards, Jan de Wijs

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I love my job, am crazy about pigeons and I like happy customers. I believe in what I do so here are 10 promises you can keep me on! If for some reason you need extra attention for a specific problem or special wish I am here to listen to you ALWAYS... Read more about this 10 unique promises

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I sell them rarely but after many requests I will sell a (re)starters kit from my private loft. At this moment I am making final arrangements to get them on-line. 6 ready to breed marathon pigeons ready to change your future.

There will be 3 cocks and 3 hens, all from my very best proven Aarden / Batenburg bloodlines. Make sure you check my website on a daily base or subscribe to our FREE weekly Infomail with tips, tricks, website updates, shipping dates and pigeon news that others don't share.
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If you are looking for a head start at extreme long-distance (750-1350 KM) this kit is what you need.
Best regards,
Jan de Wijs

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It took as months a lot of trouble and we faced many, many problems to get it done BUT we are ready to go our first pigeons will be delivered in Russia (Moscow) next week...   It's already a few months ago since I was contacted by a fancier in Russia, he bought the Jan Polder Starters Kit from the website and that was when it all started. I can tell you sending pigeons to Russia is not easy. But in the end we did find a secure and most of of 100% legal route.

The birds are shipped to our good friend in Poland Garry Rees from where they will be shipped to a fanciers in Poland at the White Russian border from where they will continue their journey to Russia.
I would like to thank the buyers in Russia for their great trust and even more for their patients and their believe in my. Its feel great they never lost the faith that I would find a way.
I am a very happy man and I am sure Tatatiana (She translated for us for the guys there) is very happy also.
“Tatiana, if you read this thank a million, you are a star! A world full with people like you would be a better one...”
Best regards,
Jan de Wijs

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I say it to my clients all the time, make a plan! Don't buy anything you like or see, but buy specific. Buy birds able to get your closer to your goals! Not the birds that the big sellers and auction sites do want you to believe to be the best!

I see it very often, it sometimes even looks like that some of my clients want to have a birds in every shipment. They think I like that but deep in my hart I am not really happy about it. Why? Well they don't have a plan! I like happy customers for tor now and in the future, buying birds without a plan will get them nowhere.
They buy because of buying and are hoping for a lot of luck creating that one golden pair. My advice... Stop directly with buying pigeons from all kind of sources. Start buying from one loft and add specific birds or strains to get closer to your goals.
Just think about this! Why should you start all over again with something that other already started years ago? You think this is the way to quick results? Think again! You are on the wrong track!
Buy a few pairs from one successful small loft loft, start breeding... You will see you will breed some useful pigeons (The guy did, that's why you selected him as one of our sources) so why you should not? Buy a few from his basic lines, don't be scared to pay a little more for the guys best pairs. The prices you pay will still be so much lower than at the auction websites. In many occasions even a fraction!
You really believe that the guys they are promoting so hard win every race in Holland? I can wake you up from that dream! They do not, in fact most of the races are won by working man like you. Not by the big professional lofts like they want you to believe.
The conclusion, find a loft you believe in. A small loft with good results, a win every now and then, a ace pigeon here and there top 5 in the club will even do. A passioned fancier, a guy that loves his pigeons more then anything (like you). Buy from there and successes will come for sure! That's a promises from me to you.
If you need help finding a good source feel free to contact me, its what I do best and what I do like to do the most. I am here to help you...
Best regards,
Jan de Wijs

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I really would wish I don't have to write this article but many of you should realize that I simply cannot not help the guys who contact me on a almost daily base... It seems be become something common, more and more Dutch and Belgium pigeons are sold in particular in Iraq, Iran and other Middle East country's without pedigrees and ring cards.

Almost every day I receive request from fanciers from these country's with the question if I can find out who bred the bird and if they are good.... 
Time after time, I tell the guys I cannot help them with this because of the simple reason that the most of these birds are meant to be killed or lost by their former owner.
This is what happens:
In Holland we got so called central lofts, these loft are managed by guys like you and me nothing wrong with that. In these loft lost birds are gathered from the region they are in. The manager contact the federation (NPO) and they will contact the owner so he can pick the bird u from there or contact a courier to do it for him. (Many fanciers also bring birds in meant to be killed)
If they bird is not picked up in a certain number of days the manager of the central loft is FREE to do with the bird what ever he wants. In many occasions he sell them to a broker who give him just a little more then the butcher.... You can guess what happens next!
Many of this birds end up in Iran, Iraq and other country's in the middle east. Of course this brokers cannot hand over the pedigrees and ring cards of this birds. Thats where the story at my end begin....
The guys still want to know who bred the bird, where it's from and from which bloodlines its bred. You can imagine what would happen if we contact the breeder? Maybe he left the birds there or even brought it in to be killed! What if he finds out the bird ended up in the loft of a guy in the Middle East instead of at the butcher?
I did not even mention the worsted case scenario.... What if stolen birds are involved?
Shortly, I if you bought pigeons without pedigrees and ring cards, please do contact the seller of the birds. I can and will not help you in this matter.
Best regards,
Jan de Wijs

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Prices for quality pigeons going crazy at all major auction websites in Europe. More and more we receive request to mediate between buyer and seller of pigeons. Fanciers from all over are tired of auction websites and want to buy directly from the source. They avoid auctions, simply because they don’t like false bidding to get extra money out of their pockets for promotion or whatever reason.

Did you ever asked yourself the question why some auction websites offer unpaid birds again? Why don’t they just offer them to the before last bidder? Is that because he or she don’t want the birds for the price they offered? Or is it possible the before last bidder not even exist? I leave it up to your own thoughts, but for me it’s obvious…

Did you ever ask yourself the question why best friends buy birds from each other online knowing the seller will have to pay 30% to the auctioneer? Is that because he likes the guy? Or could it be that they simply had an agreement on beforehand and the whole auction was a publicity stunt? One thing is for sure, my best friends come to me for a bird and don’t wait till some come online… I don’t tell them to wait till an online auction because I have a contract with some kind of auction website!
If you are also tired of paying crazy prices you should contact us. We are ready to help you all the way… Just let us know what you are looking for and our scouts will start looking immediately… We will always try to come to the best prices for our clients…
You want to go a step further? Come over and join us at our visits at all top lofts in Holland and Belgium. We take you to the source!!! We open doors that stay closed for many! We help you all the way… From picking up of the airport to loft visits and the purchase of your new stock birds…
All this with one thing in our mind, to get the best price for you!!! Did you know that you save lots of money if you compare with buying online at auction websites? Many times the money you save is more than you will have to spend on the trip!!!
So are you convinced and tired of all the games they play at auction website, contact us today and join us at our trip around the best lofts in Holland and Europe…
Call or WhatsApp 0031610746683, prefer email? Send your emails to and we will take care of you 100%
Best regards,
J.M. de Wijs

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